TH 9 The 7 Best Ways to 3 Star with LaLoon | Clash of Clans

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29 thoughts on “TH 9 The 7 Best Ways to 3 Star with LaLoon | Clash of Clans

  1. Hey everyone. This is a "Complete Laloon" Video. Pay special close attention to each base. Each is different with different placements of the air defenses, archer queen, clan castle, and air sweepers. There is not a set army for every single base, that's why these attackers are diverse and read the differences in the base designs. Good luck!

  2. This video was the most useful for LaLoon that I have found. Seems like a lot of channels just put up replays with music playing. It's all well and good to watch a strategy being used but it's so much easier to understand when you got someone explaining the what AND why.

  3. the second one when i see you first video of it it blew my mind. used it in war 6 pack max th9 my clan was blown away now they use it in every war our th9s and it works with low heros as well because you got golems tanking. we got a guy with lvl5 aq 3 starring every war. great video love the break down different troops you can use with laloon

  4. Honestly, one of your best videos to date Jo! I will be sharing this video to some of my friends that are struggling with air attacks. Great explanations, great breakdowns, great replays!

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