Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW INFO! Story Details & Latest News! + GTA 5 Single Player DLC After RDR2?

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★Red Dead Redemption 2 New Info & GTA 5 Story DLC Coming?★
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28 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW INFO! Story Details & Latest News! + GTA 5 Single Player DLC After RDR2?

  1. U might not see this but how do you use that video and put it on YouTube. No way your video it on your phone. Like how do u get such good graphics/ recording

  2. mr.boss showed the some post from yam229 about rockstar doing the story dlc u just told us wat some us alrendy new i don't think i will be chack out yr new channel i alrendy fhisned red dead redeption year's ago nice video btw.

  3. All I want is not to play as John. If we don't play as John Marston again, then I'm 100% with this. Why do people say that it'll be epic to play as John again, but when talking about GTA, they say it would be shit to play as Niko again.

  4. if you think its just veins take a closer look, then compare it the RDR Map images, all the lines are very similar, And the colour is right as well like stained paper? just take a better look, pretty sure there's something in the idea that its a part of a map

  5. please reply. at the end of the trailer, literally at the very end, does it not sound like jack yelling at his horse. You hear that same bit of dialogue in rdr. Him saying "yah" to his horse. Check it out.

  6. Dude stop flooding youtube with video after video talking about theories nothing you post is facts no latest news no story details no new info. stop! everytime i type in RDR or RDR2 your videos are all that come up i actually want to watch decent videos about my fav game without you talking the same shit over and over.

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