PUBG Matchmaking Update | A True REGION LOCK (Xbox One/PS4)

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Tonight PUBG will make a change to the way it decides what servers you play on. Nov 6th 6pm PST / Nov 7th 3am CET, PUBG on Xbox One and PS4 will base what server you play on by the region you live in, rather than your ping. No downtime is expected for this change.


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38 thoughts on “PUBG Matchmaking Update | A True REGION LOCK (Xbox One/PS4)

  1. Desync is so bad right now….. no more season passes from me or my friends. This needs to get fixed! I’m not great to start but man some shots feel like it’s behind trees or walls then I see guy pop out after I’m dead literally .30 of a second later… game is getting worse and worse with each update or quick fix.

  2. i still playing squady on ps4 i still have people from china brazil etc. and i'm from europe through crosplay everything worked perfectly for me they introduced it then it plays worse in this game lag lag ping i have a terrible game is that i have 2 guests last in the game i see them a here boom no network I have a lot of movies what guests scina are flying teleport well it could be exchanged for the season 5 seriously such guwona rewards pink akm God I really finish this game this can no longer be played normally 20 times in a row Miramam in order to want to chase

  3. First the new ads of PubG, only if the game looked that good. Problems came with cross platform play. Xbox games always started within a minute. Only reason they went to Cross platform is because PlayStation has a low player base. Xbox is there saving Grace. Update is super weak. I can only play for 2 hours max now because I get tired of PubG and dislike it more every match. Can tell when in a gun fights with PlayStation players because of the crazy Dsync. Hope they fix there game. My love for it is fading.

  4. Only works if there are enough people in the server. OC server is empty as during the day so it puts me in the NA server. Which is fine, just adjust to high ping..but playing squads at night here in NZ we are being put into the Asian servers…we just get trucked around because there aren't as many people here…hopefully this makes it a bit fairer.

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