[ New Easy Methode ] [ FIX ] FIFA 20 PS4 CONTROLLER PC

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23 thoughts on “[ New Easy Methode ] [ FIX ] FIFA 20 PS4 CONTROLLER PC

  1. Hello All 😉

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    ❌ Finally I Found A New Easy FIX to play FIFA 20 Without Problems

    This New Method Will Fix Many Problems :

    – Now if Your PS4 CONTROLLER Disconnected You Don't Need To Restart Your PC

    this New Method Fix That Problem 😉

    Before : You Need To Open DS4 WINDOWS Before Opening Any Software Or Application

    Now : You Can Open DS4 Windows at any time

    Before : You Need To Disable Any App Like Steam / UPLAY / Netflix …

    Now : You Don't Need To Do This Step

    Before : GO To NVIDIA EXPERIENCE Settings And Disable INGAME OVERLAY

    Now : You Don't Need To Do This Step

  2. I don't know what happened, from one day to the next he started to give the same problem, as if I had not followed his step by step, the day before yesterday and yesterday it worked normal, but today he gave the problem again, help me please. 🙁

  3. Yes! I can finally play fifa20 on pc with my ds4. But this also makes the same problem occur in several games on steam that I used to be able to play with my ds4 tho.

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