Me playing battlefield 4 on PC using a Xbox 360 controller

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I7 4.0,16gig ram, 512SSD, GTX760 superclocked. Me playing battlefield 4 on PC using a Xbox 360 controller. I am getting sick of the PC people telling me YOU CAN NOT PLAY FPS WITH A CONTROLLER! FRAPS killed my FPS. I use shadow play now.


33 thoughts on “Me playing battlefield 4 on PC using a Xbox 360 controller

  1. Thanks for uploading! I've heard a ton of mixed answers on this, so generally speaking, when playing on foot would you say a controller is just as manageable on PC as it is on Console, or do you find yourself struggling against mouse/keyboard players?
    I'm considering switching to PC for BF1, but when it comes to these kinds of games I strongly prefer a gamepad, which was the main reason why I stuck to console…Not sure if the overall difference in playstyle (playing with m/k players) is going to take the fun out of it.

  2. Hey I have a problem, i connect my xbox 360 controller to the pc to play battlefield 4 but it doesnt recognize it when I am on training mode, can you tell me what can I do?

  3. Controllers are not bad, you're clearly doing well. I don't understand those PC elitists who say Controllers are useless. I'm a sniper, and keyboard and mouse and controller are equal for sniping, right?

  4. Think I'll try out a controller. Playing Far cry 4 and Fallout 4 right now with M/kb but as I mentioned in another post, using a mouse strains my wrist after 20 min. Anyone use Kontrol Freeks? Supposed to be the rage for FPS games.

  5. Right stick Y axis is clunky as fuck and is not smooth. Doesn't matter how many sensitivity settings you play around with or raw input. Flying vehicles with the controller is also an absolute nightmare and requires a huge learning curve. BF4 was simply not designed to work with a handheld controller. I can tell you're not fluidly moving the right stick/Y Axis along with your movements and always keeping it static. You're not adjusting the reticle at head level as you move as easily as you could with a Mouse/KB.

    Tried this for 2 days and was absolutely dominated on hardcore. Stay far, far away.

  6. How do you aim precisely?? My aim sucks on xbox controller,,, I don't know how but you seem good at it! Awesome video man, you just revived my interest in xbox 360 controller.

  7. Haha this is the norm for me, I'm getting pretty good on pc (bf4) with controller, 0.8kd and 339 SPM, in battlefield 3 which I played on xbox 360 with controller my kd was 1.4 and my score per minute was 362 🙂

  8. Bro I have been debating with myself to just connect my ps4 controller and go, but people online make it seem like you stand no chance at all. But this gives me a lot hope since I'm good with a controller but bad with mouse and kb, thanks a lot for this video man!

  9. im building a new pc cause im not getting a next gen console because im sick of them dieing on me and my build will make them look like sega saturns but ive played them so much that i love to use a controller everyone says that it would be usless on pc but this gives me hope thank you.

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