Is THIS why YOU can't win gunfights? (EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE) – Battlefield 5

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So recently I’ve been getting hacking and cheating accusations. I want to turn that in to a positive. So today I’m going to give you my basic aiming and recoil control tips. This will hopefully help some of you to improve your game and understand better how to succeed in BF5. At the end of the day, Battlefield 5 is a complex game. So we can all learn something new here and there. My tips and tricks can hopefully be part of that.

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21 thoughts on “Is THIS why YOU can't win gunfights? (EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE) – Battlefield 5

  1. I've never understood these players who don't use environment, but instead run around in open. Then again, in Finland military service is mandatory so we are trained to use the environment. What sensitivity do you use?

  2. GetGoodGuy is not cheatinghacking he`s just playing on xbox with 100% solider aim assist which is a super magnetic auto tracking also dice in last patch before Solomon islands added Call of duty snap lock so spam L.trigger+R.trigger let computer aim for you which i think is fcking bull, it was already a Massive Vert and Horizontal recoil buffer on aim assist slow down 100% but they killed recoil in game aswell with TTK patch combine those two aiming assist systems snap and mag lock and u get partial dumb down aim bot # not get good guys fault

    dices excuse is oooh we needed to make the game easier for Xmas by adding snap lock but making it harder to kill players which had the opposite effect for new players vs what dice intended,

    just good players got more health to run rings around newbies with recon weapons. like Lee Enfield iron sight with snap lock is insane in game where we 15 different settings for adjusting aim and is mystery to me why Aim assist still exists in 20192020. i use aim assist in battlefield even know I HATE IT cos its so powerful i`am at a disadvantage if i don`t. but it bee so much more fun without it i can see the lol's now haha

  3. Man you dont have to explain anything i get why u did this video but people get butt hurt to much im not good at shooters and i watch your videos for better game play cuz mines not always good but if i go 25 and 4 i get called out for cheating all i say is get good kid and usually its not a kid its a sweaty 40 year old man still in his mommas basement you keep being u

  4. I think latancy and so are what people misstaken for cheating. I have many wierd situations where i shoot and nothing happens and i die with one bullet against me.. frustration is what feel not cheat.

  5. I wish I could get a one on one session with this guy where we 1v1 or he was in my squad and taught me what I was doing wrong, and how I could improve. I’ve watched so many videos, but it seems I’m just to retarded to pull down on the stick. πŸ˜†

  6. Very good video ,this has been a thing for years ,actually if people google position awareness for BF4 there’s an in depth guide that a guy created along with recoil control ,especially in bf4 .

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