How to LavaLoonion at TH9 in Clash of Clans

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Here it is guys! Lavaloonion, Laloonion, whatever you want to call it, here is some tips on using it effectively at TH9 in Clash of Clans. Enjoy!

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38 thoughts on “How to LavaLoonion at TH9 in Clash of Clans

  1. 4 years have passed and I realize how far we've come. This is where it all started. Kill Sqauds, strategic 3 star attacks and a movement away from GoWiPe and all that. Looking at the videos now, I see that even these attacks were not how I remember them. They are sloppy, amateur, poorly executed, and in many cases, barely 3 star. But this is where it all started, THE very pioneering of how all 3 star attacks are performed… with an emphasis on funneling, killing the Archer Queen, Clan Castle troops, while also taking out key defenses such as infernos, air defense, etc. and carving out a piece of the base such that your hogs or laloon can have a better more specific path,

  2. Name : LavaDraBabyLoonIon

    Townhall level : 9 (Only)

    Clan castle Housing space : 30

    Army camps housing space (Total) : 220

    Troops : 2 Lava hounds
    : 1 Dragon
    : 2 Baby dragons
    : 20 Baloons
    : 10 Minions

    Spells : 3 Rage spells
    : 1 Freeze spell
    : 1 Haste spell

    Clan castle : 1 Lava hound
    : 1 Haste spell

    Heroes : Barbarian king (Level 5+)
    : Archer queen (Level 5+)

  3. Im watching this in 2016 and now ppl arent using archer and wiz in their war clan castle, there almost always a dragon in there, and that basically breaks apart a lavaloonion. I usually use a hog to lure them out, then use the heroes to kill them, but then i cant use the heroes for cleaning at the end, and that usually results in a two star cuz the balloons cant clean fast enough…Can anyone give me tips to get around those cc troops plz?

  4. Thanks for the help, Jake. Lavaloonion is looking good for my next attack. Quick question: is it important to grab a drink of beer while I take out the cc troops? Thanks again!

  5. Hay Jake, this video helped me alot with lavaloonian. i was able to get a three star on my first ever lavaloonian in war thanks to this break down of the attack. Cheers for the help mate.

  6. clan castle is not much of a problem anymore, because of the poison spell most people not keep high hitpoint troops like lava hound or dragon, the lavahound doesnt even attack air troops so thats a plus there

  7. Still the only channel on Youtube that can break down an attack into components and actually teach me how to develop it strategically. Thanks for all you put into this. It is incredibly useful.

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