How much have Battlefield graphics improved over time?

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A graphics comparison video looking at some of the best Battlefield titles over the past 10 years. Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5.

What is your favourite and which looks the best?


50 thoughts on “How much have Battlefield graphics improved over time?

  1. I really think you need to include Battlefield V – Firestorm with Ray-tracing on ultra. IMO this is the absolute pinnacle and doorway to the now endless possibilities of graphics and enhancements in games. It really is like nothing else out there and it is barely mentioned in the video. It isnt stable and crashes a lot but It actually completely changes the feel of the game and the visuals are almost unbelievable.

  2. Agreed, character models look like butt in BF5. Jerky and stuttering. I enjoy the attrition concept. Apply it to BF1 and case closed. Vehicles are no longer must haves which was why I loved battlefield. Franchise doesn’t know what it wants to be. TBH I’d been been happy paying DLC for BF4 indefinitely. BFaaS 😆

  3. Yes. More gameplay attention. Less pretty looking graphics. Especially for console players. Because we can't get the full quality on current gen consoles so with focus on the graphics gameplay is lacking so I'm done with BFV. BF1 on occasion and mainly stay on bf4 and bf4 even tho bf3 came out for the 360 console and does and res is horrible. But gameplayeans much more to me than a pretty shadow.

  4. Graphics: BF V and BV1 then BF 3 (I didnt liked BF 4 look)Gameplay: BF BC 2 and BF 3 (BC 2 with the Maps designed for Rush only had a unique Battle feeling I still miss)Sound: BF BC 2

  5. BF3 is a legendary game, maybe BF4 improved some features, but BF3 stills giving us that special feeling. BC2 was also unforgettable and realistic, while BF1 is the only BF game that has a small number of bugs and a better netcode; let's not talk about BF2 because it's a long story…

  6. PERFECT Battlefield would be BF3 sounds in addition with BadCompany2's deafening explosion sound(just not as intense) and BF4 gameplay as well as BF5 new player movement and maneuvers.

  7. Bad company 1 and 2 for story and atmosphere. Bf3 and 4 for multiplayer. bf1 for atmosphere and multiplayer. BfV it was fun at first but now it’s not. I’m glad my shots are on point and movement is good. But. The atmosphere isn’t right.

  8. I starded to play BF since BF2 Modern Combat and played them all except 2142 and Hardline and i loved BF3 at most.That game was so much fun. So simple but by far the best BF experience.

  9. BF3's lighting, smoke effects, ground terrain forming, gun modelling, and sound design were among the best in the series and overall i'd still say it holds the #1 position for best looking. BFV's minecraft trees on twisted steel and BF1's crappy ground textures, and BF4/BFH's cartoon graphics are all worse overall.

  10. bf4 is definitely better looking and just fun. Also, on older bf games if you killed someone, you knew right away. On bf1 & 5, you can't really tell right away if you did or not. You know what i mean? I guess I did, cuz a name popped up's like it's not 'pc' to say the word 'kill' or 'killed' anymore. Even though that's exactly what your doing. watever.

  11. I think I realized what BF5 looks like. Its kind of like BF 1 and BF4 combined. Feels like they wanted it to kind of be as if you were actually at the locations in wwii instead of the hollywood perception of it.

  12. NIce, and awesome. But now the BF5 is ver unoptimized. with gtx 1080 ti i have only 65 avg fps, wich is horrible on a 144hz monitor, don't tell me anione is the gtx 1080 ti is not enought on lowest settings of course

  13. firts time i play a battlefield game was the bad company 2 and i love , playing on a game mode rush was one of my favorite modes on bad company 2 and battlefield 3 . defanelly bf 1 have the best quality on the game , i wish they have servers running on badcompany 2

  14. One of my points has been before Bf1 and 5 look the same like 3 and 4 did but things are vice versa where bf1 tried to be more realistic like bf3 and 5 went 4’s vibrant colorful graphics way.

  15. disagreed right away. Bf3 is so damn ugly with that blue tint. It still takes so much away from the grpahical look. 4 and 1 are possible the best looking ones.

  16. But man 3 and 4 just pushed you to the limits some times made you feel anxious like the struggle was real and some of those moments in 1 as well but in 5 with attrition i never NEED ammo or health cause im always runnin to a nearby box to grab it when im runnin with MY SQUAD i can always rely on them to get me up toss me health an ammo with randos its hard telling a vet usually does a good job at it but new comers will just run on by the next BF NEEDS to be on point with the new COD MW snagging ALOT of BF players attention right now it needs to be more than right it needs to be the absolute pinnacle of what the BF franchise stands for and strives for in future games to come getting clarity and visibility down to a T whike balancing fun and map flow and flawless gun mechanics and larger combat and destructive design also incorporating rts and its game modes right from go from medals and ribbons and ither awards to EARNING player skins and weapons and player lvl celings being high enough not to top out in 3 months anyone want to add additional things DICE needs to do for the community

  17. I love how the soliders interact with on an other in 3 and 4 amongest the chaos of the war going on around them "i NEED SOME AMMO! and the classic I'M GETTIN MY SHIT PUSHED IN HERE!"and in 1 and 5 its "good day chap have you some ammo to spare this ol beans magazine seems to be running low "

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