FORTNITE RAP by JT Music (feat. Fabvl & Divide) – "Never Give Up"

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What’s it look like in the Battle Bus? Do you have friends that you carry in Fortnite? WHO IS THE BUS DRIVER!? Find all that in this music video.

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Fabvl Rap verse…


36 thoughts on “FORTNITE RAP by JT Music (feat. Fabvl & Divide) – "Never Give Up"

  1. This is gonna sound unbelievable cuz it was on a switch so I couldn’t record a clip to prove it but I actually won my first ever game of fort nite

    I lost my second XD but the point is first ever game I played I won I was just like WTF XD though I guess the purple sniper rifle I had had something to do with it XD

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