27 thoughts on “FIFA 20 TOP10: 16 YEAR OLD WONDER KIDS

  1. I’m still wondering how Adil only has a potential of 84, even though he got 7 assists in the U17 World Cup and Foden got a massive potential for playing well in the U17 World Cup.

  2. honestly I have given up on buying wonderkids but spending all my cizzash on scouts & scouting away. Partly the problem is how these kids just signed or arent willing to relocate (yet) and I need to build my team in year one. When I do fins ones I can buy they STILL grow much more slowly than guys I scout. (im in year 3, Dec 2021 & my wonderkids are low/mid 70s, I have 4 scouted players from year 1 that are in the 80s & 7 more in the 70s; I have a CDM found in year 2 w a 47 rating BUT had 5 star skill moves & just playing n training him hes now already 76 ,+29 already!, w PTBS age 18. He plays like Kante)

    Its fun to try out some of these kids and I love that you find them for us, however its MUCH easier to scout a load of "potential to be specials" that grow really quickly from my experience.

  3. I sold Fati because Reiss Nelson turned into a 'Has potential to be special ' yeah i have Nelson , Saka , Lemar ,Pepe ,Hudson-Odoi in my winger positions so didn't need Fati 🙂

  4. Pedri reminds me off a Cesc Fabregas how he was when he was 17 , Pedri is actually best at CAM not on the wing he glides past players with ease very lightweight though but he's my favourite player in Fifa 20 but has really bad stamina at the start .

  5. I'm in season 2 just smashed Inter Milan 8-1 at the San Siro in the champions league as Arsenal …I have Camavinga and Pedri in my side not starters though Camavinga 74 and Pedri 80 rated .
    It's possible with the potential glitch loan bug and dynamic potential any player under 23 can become a world star in game , also buying a player with 'exciting prospect' potential the bug can screw you over resulting in players potential going down to a 'Has great potential' both Guendouzi and Martinelli dropped to 'Has great potential' for no reason in game .
    So i loaned both out Guendouzi is back to 'exciting prospect' while Martinelli is on loan at Manchester City i'm leaving him there till his loan runs out …The bug is very random EA really need to fix it ..Yeah won't happen lol .

    Oh Gravernberch got screwed over aswell why he's on loan .

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