EARN COINS FAST & LOADS OF UPDATES! | Battlefield 5 "Community Broadcast" News! (+ Bug Fixes)

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● Lots to talk about today! – Complete the new challenge assignments to unlock plenty of company coins fast! Read through the first community broadcast from Ben Walke detailing the content road map along with other very exciting notes…and finally let’s take a look at the updated Battlefield 5 bug tracker and see what is being fixed with the next patch!

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26 thoughts on “EARN COINS FAST & LOADS OF UPDATES! | Battlefield 5 "Community Broadcast" News! (+ Bug Fixes)

  1. They get no pat on the back from me. Not until the actual bosses who run DICE (not some lower level dev they assign to make PR statements) come out and admit that they fucked up this game from the jump. Admit that they released it at least 6 months too early and it hadn’t been tested properly.

  2. Deleted all the challenges. They are glitchy and make you play in a way that you don't want to. Like prone kills. It encourages bad gameplay and people not ptfo'ing. I don't need anymore cc anyway.

  3. Weeell, great. No! I do tend to feel all answers beeing shallow and evasive as allways, revealing close to nothing. The best part is still “we do not want to divide our player base” and yet in the past couple of months they add a miriad of game modes… we need some goddamn maps, and not some toned down night mode for the existing ones. Hell I would have preferred even the scrapping of all modes including the single player content, let alone the fking BR mode in the first place (as I really dont give two bloody schillings about any BR game), leave 3 modes in the game, give us 30+maps for conquest and deliver some new content with the tides of war. Thadaa… getting tired by the map rotation again even after ditching 1 whole month of playing the game. 200hours into it and no fudging maps…
    Rant over

  4. Played battlefield for the first two months it came out not touched it since and just don’t have any desire to play it…it’s become to Arcady for me prefer the original battlefields!

  5. When they Will add something that people csre about. Wtf was that Coop. It should have Been like in bf3. In a different map, you could get some weapons by playing it and so on

  6. I wouldn't mind them adding a few more items of equipment and taking AP mines off at least 1 or maybe even 2 of the classes they seem to be everywhere just lately. it's just adding to making the meta all about camping

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