Console To PC Progression In Fortnite – Tips and Tricks To Improve Quickly!

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In this video, I talk about my switch and progression after going from console to PC Fortnite in August 2018. After playing on console for 7 months, I decided to buy a PC and switch to keyboard and mouse. I’m extremely competitive and have always wanted to make the switch to PC gaming but never had the chance to. When I first started I was a complete bot who could barely move around. I had gone from a 5 k/d player on console with over 500…


40 thoughts on “Console To PC Progression In Fortnite – Tips and Tricks To Improve Quickly!

  1. How long would you say this progression took? Really motivating, thank you. I'm not switching from console to pc, I've played pc for a while but games that are not 'aim-intensive', I want to play fps titles but I know I need to improve. Thanks for this video!

  2. I just switched, and I can’t do 90s. We have the same floor, and cone bind. I use wall and stair with mouse button. It’s my second day now. I have gotten better in building, but it’s hard for me to do 90s.

  3. I’m trying to make the switch and its season 10 wth I’m getting clapped I can’t use my keyboard I’m like lost don’t know any keys locations so I’m like spamming keys hoping I do something then I get mad and give up after 1 hour or less

  4. I'm playing on mouse and keyboard on Xbox but I'm getting a pc. I have like 85 wins on console and I'm absolute trash on keyboard. I have a 180 dollar keyboard and a 45 dollar mouse but no skill

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