*Common Legend Bases* Take down iTzu's old Legend Base | Clash of Clans

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Time to learn how to take down common internet legend bases including iTzu’s famous Legend base! The sui mass hogs is a very strong strategy not only in legends league but also regular wars.

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32 thoughts on “*Common Legend Bases* Take down iTzu's old Legend Base | Clash of Clans

  1. Useful, although much more annoying is the base where the town hall is inside a little bit as well. I'm unable to get it with the sui heroes, and I think I encounter it a lot more than the bases you showed.

  2. I am a legend player and today i got to do 8 attacks but on defence i already had 9 and i think i will have to defend few more times … whats this with supercell if we get only 8 attacks then we should defend 8 times only and not more than that😡

  3. you are REALLY THE BEST. this video will HELP ME TO DEFEAT the tesla farm. THIS VIDEO PROVE THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY YouTuber that actually cares for us and passes on something useful. thank you so much.

  4. Good explanation of how to take them bases down with the mass hogs. However how would you deal with let’s say a base with a centralised townhall with the same strategy? I’m seeing a lot of these atm is the reason I ask. Thanks

  5. I will drop one hog bcz I tjink there is one more hog in the corner😁😁😁😂😂

    Keep in goin Fin!!

    Just human faults ya ! But when it makes someone to laugh his/her heart out!! Wooow!! Awesome

  6. Easyway is to have 2 ice in wrecer and 2 loon amd 1 baby and all heroes including warden to th. Everything wreced in one corner than 31 hogs with 3 heals 3 stars 85 percent of the time.

  7. But you have to agree that Itzu is once of the best Players in the world.
    often was World no1 .Also he got 794% on a day. and he is the leader of Tribe Gaming one of the
    worlds best Clan…

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