[BF5] Madsen MG – NEW BFV LMG – The BEST long range Machine Gun?! [Weapon Review / Guide]

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Alongside Operation Underground we have the Madsen MG coming to Battlefield V today!

The Madsen MG, while unassuming at first, is a strong addition to the LMG lineup. Thanks to its untypical damage model, it is set to become the new best long & medium range LMG available to the Support class.

In this bf5 Weapon Review/Guide we will look at the stats & weapon performance of the bf5 madsen mg, the best upgrades & specialisations for the madsen mg in bfv, how it compares to other available…


25 thoughts on “[BF5] Madsen MG – NEW BFV LMG – The BEST long range Machine Gun?! [Weapon Review / Guide]

  1. You guys are only sucking this gun because It was in battlefield 1, this gun is utter garbage, it cant shoot for shit, even with a bipod, the bren is better is every aspect….scratch that, EVERY lmg is better

  2. For anyone who have not gotten this gun yet, I'm the opposition to this video. This gun has the same fire rate as the Bren, lowest Dmg in it's class (25 for the bren and 22 for this gun) , less ammo than the Lewis and combined with (At least on console) the 30 Hz refresh rate means you WILL die, unless you camp. BUT not to far away, as (Again, at least on console) you will have to hit 5 shots on the target. Good luck. Recoil is difficult, people jump like its CoD BO3, and this gun will get you killed more times than save you.
    Conclusion: On PC, its usable, but its not better than the Bren or Lewis Gun, or if you wanna camp use any MMG.
    On Console: Go ahead and camp in a hallway. If the enemy has a high rate of fire gun or can snap shot to your head, you will die though.

  3. The damage on support LMGs just fucking blows, I dinked people with this thing 3-4 times and they still don't die, it's ridiculous. DICE just wants every support player to be a bi-pod camper

  4. Yo that gun needs to be nerfed. Why do I say that?
    Yesterday, I unlocked the gun, and unlocked only ONE specialization.. with just that, I had approx 50 kills!!
    O_O hey don’t get me wrong I LOVE it, but if you wanna talk about being fair, well…

  5. Wow, i wasn't expecting a magazine increase and 40 rounds at that! Makes it very interesting to me. I'm liking the looks of full left side for this one. And that 5 bullet all range model is just like the AS VAL in bf3, my favorite weapon in any game ever. I am a little disappointed it doesnt have the 540 fire rate from bf1, but i think this will become my second favorite lmg behind the Lewis

    Now we just need the chauchat, my favorite gun from bf1.

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