Battlefield V GTX 1070 ( Multiplayer ) 1440p | FRAME-RATE TEST

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Battlefield 5 GTX 1070 & Skylake i7 6700k @4.7GHz frame rate test benchmark. tested at 1440p resolution. Thanks for Watching.. stay tuned for more videos.. Get The CHEAP GAMES and support this channel at:

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41 thoughts on “Battlefield V GTX 1070 ( Multiplayer ) 1440p | FRAME-RATE TEST

  1. I was wondering if u guys could help me. My setup is: Gtx 1070, i7 4770, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz. I have around 50-60 fps on the "minimum latency" setting, and sometimes it drops under 40. Increasing the quality settings gives me around 50 and drops under 40. There is a bottleneck in my system, and i was wondering if i upgrade my CPU to a good and new one, would my fps increase drastically? Or should i upgrade my graphics card? Any opinions are appreciated.

  2. youre very good, nice video…but guys, you dont need play games on Ultra Settigs, because, here is no major visual difference with High.

    Ultra settings can cause a steep drop in FPS rate. I tested High and Ultra in BFV…on High i have 20-25 more FPS…and saw no differences

  3. i have a overclocked 1070 and i love it never tried it on 4 k though will i be dissapointed ? ive hurd that this card is still good for top games with good frame how much fps will i loose playing in 4k?

  4. Hi, I recently want to buy this video card (1070) to my dell t5810 work station but, i only got 425w power supply.
    So could you tell me the power supply is good to handle this? (CPU: E5 1620 v4)thanks! 😉

  5. yeah with future frame renderin on. turn that off, see how much fps you get ( if you care about hitting your enemies you dont play with it on as it gets pretty bad input lagg )

  6. Great vid. I'm about to jump from a 6600k gtx 1070 @ 1440p to 7700k gtx 1070. I currently get about 60-80fps with everything on low, so my 6600k CPU is bottlenecking hard, so this will give me a better indication of the performance I should expect.

  7. Hey Artis can you test Battlefield V with the latest Windows Update + Latest Nvidia Drivers ? I'm currently using a RTX 2080 + DX 12 + Future Frame Rendering OFF and my performance has increased significantly. Maybe create a video comparing DX11 / DX12 on latest drivers with future frame rendering off using the new RTX series / Pascal? It seems that DX12 is working as intended atm atleast on my system.

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