Battlefield 5 RUINED Battlefield 3: Damavand Peak Gameplay Live

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The bad habits from Battlefield 5 have polluted the Battlefield 3 servers! Prone support players plague every match! I hope you lads enjoy this throwback live commentary, let me know if you’d like to see more of style of content in the future!

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30 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 RUINED Battlefield 3: Damavand Peak Gameplay Live

  1. I jumped on BF4 yesterday PS4 and I had a blast, it was operation Locker and complete chaos, but after all these years I still found my groove, I got many kills very little deaths. It was just all out madness but so much fun. Also it ran so smoothly. Every input I made worked and connected with the enemy. I love BFV but it’s frustrating because your handicapped so much more and the game doesn’t work properly. It’s just a buggy mess. Please DICE fix this soon.

  2. I liked the gameplay. Everything about BF3 is better than BFV. I would forgive BF3 for the sun glare and blue filter as the game play and lack of bugs overrides the multitude of bugs BFV has

  3. Battlefield V is ruining itself, no doubt about it. Now Westie says Al Sundan map still not ready for release and we are getting the Marita map before Al Sundan !!

  4. I think if we had mortars back in bfv it would cut back in the campers and better chance of killing them after they kill you or make it a weapon pick up for both sides

  5. I have abandoned Bfv on my PS4, and actually it would be nice to see this remastered and released at a cheap price point for PS4 players, that way we could wile away the hours until we get the PS5, and perhaps a decent Battlefield game.

    One can only dream, in the meantime life goes on without a battlefield experience to enjoy.

  6. To be fair, Battlefield 1 was worse when it came to bipod abuse, don't @ me.
    People were sitting at the back of the map with the mg1917 telescopic and basically playing a point n' click.

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