Battlefield 4 Helicopter Montage w/ Tips | Dealing w/ Lock Ons | PS4 60fps | FEARLESSMANTISS

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TIP #1
Save your countermeasures don’t use them unnecessarily if you can simply get behind cover instead, use the environment around you to avoid line of site from lock ons.

TIP #2
I recommend flying solo so that you are more cautious and that you are forced to learn how to dodge all incoming attacks.



30 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Helicopter Montage w/ Tips | Dealing w/ Lock Ons | PS4 60fps | FEARLESSMANTISS

  1. I'm so glad that your bro cphour told me about your channel. I said the word "holy sh!t"way too much while watching. Lol that's assume! Keep up the vids and the helpful tips. Great Job!🚁

  2. Would like to ask about your button layout. I'm on PC but have a PS controller lying around but would like to mimic your button layout as I have NO idea what the button assignments are on PS. The movements based controls. What is assigned to your left analog stick, right stick and where is throttle up and throttle down assigned.

    1. Yaw L/R
    2. Throttle U/D
    3. Roll L/R
    4. Pitch U/D

    Thanks and subscribed for some more awesome chopper footage! Loving it!

  3. I wont to play efectively and when i see a dude in choper making 75-3 for 15minutes and me rank 115 with pro assasault equipment making 22-6 im angry i wont to be a killing mashine just like him but i completely suck at flying so

  4. how can i put a different color to hit mark on heli?, ive tried to put a different color but the hit mark is always the same color of hud, please answer me if is possible! 🙂 thanks anyway, u are a great pilot!!!(ando sorry for the english! ;p)

  5. You're an awesome scout pilot and this tutorial was great for begingers and I hope you have some pro tips tutorial coming for more experienced pilots 🙂

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