Battlefield 3 Online Multiplayer Gameplay and Commentary PC HD | Damavand Peak Conquest | Intense

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AV_Ultima playing Battlefield 3 online multiplayer on Damavand Peak! This is the full match no editing. I show a map I enjoy. It’s an intense tug of war. 400+ deaths in less than 10 minutes. Watch in full high definition 1080p!

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Battlefield 3
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Dice
MSRP: $59.99
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3


22 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Online Multiplayer Gameplay and Commentary PC HD | Damavand Peak Conquest | Intense

  1. if you control the middle point the enemies can only survive for a few minutes until you swarm em and win. also get at three sniper at your team to ahnilate the remaining rpg men so your vehicles can push in and clear the are also you MUST have great pilot and a gunner and air support to destroy the remaining veichles for less deaths so your team can swarm in easier so once your finsihed you can pick them off unless they use stealth. i and my squad did when we almost lost we made our team win

  2. can u make some mw 3 commentarys? I have mw 3 and btf3 and i <3 to see ppl who s good at this game though u r on pc and i m on console, i can still copy ur tactics and stuff. BUT NICE DUDE!

  3. @OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD dam i wish, im ps3 🙁 well at least we have two things in common. Im greek and I love the OLYMPIAKOS team haha. They better when this year! or next year. forgot when the season starts :p

  4. @BrokenTurd187 not sure about PS3 controller, there are 3rd party PC controllers made in similar design to the PS3 Dualshock 3 you could try that or if you've got an xbox 360, its controllers are compatible with PC

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